forging pipe

TSC, Inc. is capable of forging pipe from 1.315” to 7.000” outside diameter. Forging, also referred to as upsetting, is the process in which the end area of a steel tube is heated to a desired temperature then driven into a set of dies. The resulting gathered material increases the end area wall thickness providing the thickness necessary to cut threads. TSC, Inc. adheres to the strict finishing and inspection requirements set forth by specifications for EUE and premium upsets.

The following is a list of upsets and corresponding outside diameters available at TSC, Inc.:

  • API EUE: 2.375” to 4.500” (standard and extended head lengths are available)
  • Premium Internal and External Upsets: 1.315” to 5.000”
  • Drill Pipe: 2-3/8" to 6-5/8”
  • Specialty Upsetting: Customized upsetting to your specifications


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Texas Steel Conversion is an API licensed 5CT processor and 5DP, 7-1 manufacturer.

Texas Steel Conversion’s Quality Management System is in compliance with ISO9001 and API-Q1.