• 3101 Holmes Rd. Houston TX 77051
  • 713-733-6013

Pick Up / Delivery

Hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm

(Material pick up and delivery may be scheduled for after hours and holidays; however, additional fees will apply.)

Prior to pick up or delivery, please contact the Shipping/Receiving Department at the appropriate location to schedule your arrival:

B.O.L. Terms

shipping@texassteelconversion.com receiving@texassteelconversion.com Holmes Road Facility: (713) 733-7907
Almeda Facility: (832) 804-6200
C.E. King Facility: (281) 458-8943
Bryan, TX Facility: (979) 779-7622
Miller Road Facility: (281) 452-2260

Pick Up:

Name of Customer Releasing the Material
Customer Release Number
Shop Order Number
Size and Grade of Material
Number of Pieces or Footage to be Shipped


Name of Customer Delivering Material
Packing List w/ Heat Numbers & Total Joint Count
Pipe Bundled by Heat (Please note there will be an additional fee for material arriving with mixed heats or broken bundles)