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Texas Steel Conversion, Inc. is proud to offer a variety of products, processing services and end finish combinations.

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If the product you need is not listed below, please make an inquiry with our Sales Department at (713) 733-6013
TSCsales@texassteelconversion.com We are also able to accommodate certain proprietary specifications.

Premium Tubing & Pup Joints

Sizes: 1.315" - 5.500"

Upsets: Specialty Upsets **

All API Grades & PSL's*

EUE Tubing & Pup Joints

Sizes: 1.900" - 4.500"

Upsets: EUE, Extended EUE

All API Grades & PSL's*

Mechanical Tubing/ Coupling Material/ Riser Material

Sizes: 1.500" - 10.000"

Upsets: N/A

All API Grades, Specialty Grades Available

Drill Pipe

Sizes: 2.875" - 7.625"

Upsets: EUE, IUE, IEUE

All API Grades, TSC Proprietary Grades, & PSL's*


Sizes: 4.500" - 9.625"

Upsets: Swell ***

All API Grades & PSL's*

Heavy Weight Drill Pipe

Sizes: 3.500" - 6.625"

Upsets: N/A

All API Grades

HDD Friction Welded

Sizes: 4.500" - 8.750"***

All API Grades & PSL's*

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* PSL - Product Specification Levels (1-3)
** Forged to Hydril and other proprietary prints
*** TSC designed forging