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TSC Subsea Tubulars

Custom Tubular Manufacturing Solutions

TSC Subsea Tubulars offers unique manufacturing capabilities to create tubular products that possess the wherewithal to perform in the demanding subsea environment. We specialize in customized tubular products that meet our customers’ specific needs for their subsea operations.

TSC Subsea Tubulars offers our customers these products and services:

    • Intervention Drill Pipe
    • Workover Risers
    • Landing Strings
    • Flowlines – thickening of ends up to 9” OD
    • Connector – clip or threaded
    • Large OD Pipe Forging – up to 8-3/4” OD
    • Friction Welding – up to 8-3/4” connector OD
    • Heat Treatment and Machining – up to 10-3/4” and 2” wall thickness